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The crypto market is quiet again, which has led some experts to believe dlouh Positions will soon increase, which will lead to new growth cryptocurrency. There are some people who insist that e.g Bitcoin the song cryptocurrency New waves will be put up for sale if prices fail to bounce from current lows in the near future.

Pesto BitPay recently announced that consumers and businesses are starting to use digital tokens for retail. This is a big change from losing leadership positions Bitcoin Late last year when the total castles came in Bitcoin BitPay Dog fell about 65%. At that time payments were made ETH piblin 15 %, zatmco stablecoin se stal silnm ldrem s 13 %. Dogecoins, Shiba Inu ein Litecoin accounted for about 3%.

It is evident that only altcoin has increased as the next company has started providing stablecoinm for cross-border payments. Consumers therefore tend to switch to digital coins, the value of which should remain stable at prices cryptocurrency will fall. Dogecoins last year, thanks to celebrities like f Tesla Elon Moschus. His announcement last week saw the token surge 30%. A pesto Bitcoin last year it grew by 60%, many investors chose to rub rather than spend.

The crypto industry continues to be actively developed, and therefore it is not surprising that more and more businessmen cryptocurrency as payments. Last year, BitPay started working with VeriFone to receive digital coins in different forms at their terminals shops. Pouvn cryptocurrency do svch mucus Last year he paid to PayPal. This step was suitable for a number of companies and businesses and therefore for those who still had doubts about working and accepting payments. kryptomnami, zaali ble zabvat touto area.

At this moment Bitcoin trades above 40,520 US Dollar and most likely 44,000 US Dollar. In that case, jump to 47,840 US Dollar a pot na 51 800 US Dollar. But when the pressure rises Bitcoin falls below 40,520 US Dollar and it reaches 37,380 US Dollar a 33 830 US Dollar.0.

On the other hand ether is currently trading for 3 430 US Dollar, being 200 day moving average. This indicates that the market is approaching a mid-range scene and as long as trading below this range pressure on the token will remain high. A break of 3,430 is needed for token demand to subside US Dollar. This will jump to 3,670 US Dollar a 3880 US Dollarbut buyers have mt problems immediately brought something to a sweat ether falls below 3,220 US Dollar a 2440 US Dollar.

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