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The ATM card is a very useful but extremely delicate tool. When in contact with various objects, it can become demagnetized. Let’s find out how to avoid this problem

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Every day millions of Italians use their own ATM card to perform a variety of operations. Cash withdrawals are probably the most common. Although the government’s goal is to limit the circulation of cash, there are still many people performing these types of operations.

With the ATM cardobviously it is not possible to simply execute withdrawals but also for shopping. This grants the possibility to shop both in physical stores and pay via the POS, as well as online on the various e-commerce platforms. It would be a real problem not being able to use it because it is degaussed.

This eventuality can take shape in various situations, some of which also use commonly used objects. So let’s find out how to prevent the card from happening demagnetize and how to fix it if this has already happened.

ATMs, the most common pocket mistake

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The error that we are about to tell you about is very common and widespread. In general, everyone has their cell phone in their pocket, but if there is one in it ATM card it could create a serious problem for us. In fact, the cell phone is one of the objects that can cause demagnetization some paper.

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It’s good practice Avoid keeping your cell phone and card in the same bag. Perhaps the latter would be ideal to keep in a special compartment of the wallet or special card holder. They’re small, imperceptible details that might reserve you one for the long haul bad surprise.

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In case your card was already there demagnetized Your only chance to solve the problem is to contact your credit institution. there ATM cardin fact it would be useless. If you have the opportunity to go to the branch, you can get the necessary support, otherwise you will have to make a specific application and wait for it to be sent home.

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