Zuhal Demir: “I’ve been oversubsidizing renewable energy for a year and a half” – Archyde

The phenomenon of excess gains also occurs in solar and wind power, reports The standard. According to Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA), intervening is complex. “I don’t want to make people happy with a dead sparrow,” she says on Radio 1.

Nuclear power has the largest excess profit, but these are also unprecedented times for renewable energy. Message of this newspaper on Monday morning. Flanders, for example, pays EUR 1 billion a year for green energy certificates. “I’ve been working on the phenomenon of over-subsidization of solar and wind energy for a year and a half,” answers Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir. The morning on Radio 1. She found it difficult to intervene.

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“Some of this has been specified in regulations. If we change something, we risk compensation,” she says. The minister therefore does not want to act hastily. She definitely wants to avoid empty promises. “The solution must be legally secure. Otherwise we make people happy with a dead sparrow,” says Demir.

VAT reduction

The minister also says he is studying energy bills to see what else could be done at the Flemish level, such as the cost of public services. At the same time, she warns that people will not immediately feel this in their portfolio. She advocates a more structured approach. She looks at the Flemish climate fund. The income that comes in – 70 or 80 million euros, according to Demir – has to flow back to the consumer, for example by promoting renovations. 300 million euros have already been reserved for this, says the minister.

The N-VA minister is silent on a VAT reduction. “I’m not going to tell you how to do it nationwide, but when you see that the sales tax on coal is 12 percent and that on electricity is 21 percent, it goes without saying that something needs to be done,” it sounds. “What you do must not affect the index basket and thus wages,” she warns.

European nuisance

Demir had tougher words for the European Union. ‘The Green deal can not Green Theft turn into.’ The minister acknowledges that gas prices are subject to Russian politics, but Europe has also pushed prices up, she says. “This is a conscious European policy. They want to push people towards a different form of energy,” says Demir. She says it’s too much and too soon. The consumer’s portfolio can influence the choices that result from the European Green deal don’t follow, she suggests. “I spoke to Frans Timmermans’ cabinet about this (European Commissioner for the Green Deal, ed.). The ECB is also talking about green inflation.’



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