The power of language –

Voice and body language reveal a lot about a person, their emotions and character traits. And the sound of the voice often reveals characteristics such as body size. Small children first have to learn to speak with difficulty. Linguists around the world are investigating how this works and what processes take place in the brain. But how did man come to the powerful tool of language, and how has it developed over the millennia? Researchers gain insights into this, among other things, from how chimpanzees communicate with one another.

Other topics in the March issue:

cosmic grub
Despite its name, the Large Magellanic Cloud is just a dwarf among galaxies. But new discoveries show that the minigalaxy is behaving like its giant cousins: It grew like the Milky Way by engulfing other star systems. A spherical star cluster bears witness to this galactic cannibalism.

climate change
Punctual birds are late
Climate change is throwing nature out of sync: migratory birds wintering far to the south are unaware that spring has started earlier than usual in their northern breeding area. So they miss out on the rich food supply for their offspring. Biologists fear that this will accelerate the global loss of species. But they are also observing how some species are adapting to the changed conditions – which gives hope.

winter sports
With physics on the slopes
How do you manage a particularly long jump on the hill? What makes a ski a racing machine? And how do you take the perfect curve on the descent? Athletes and engineers are looking for new tricks to make the best use of the laws of physics in winter sports.

The next issue will appear on February 15, 2022.

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