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Open sea is an up-and-coming online shop specializing in selling items NFT or Non-Fungible Token, this is where Sultan Ghozali sells selfie photos. Second Founder of OpenSea also super rich.

The good prospects of NFT do not make investors hesitate to disburse funds to OpenSea. The company’s value continued to rise to $13.3 billion following the recent investment, making its two founders very wealthy.

With a stake in OpenSea estimated at 18.5%, OpenSea’s founding duo, Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah, currently have Forbes’ assets valued at $2.2 billion, or around Rp. 31 trillion.

OpenSea itself was founded 4 years ago as a startup based in New York, making it a pioneer in the NFT market. NFT itself is known as a unique digital asset ranging from art, music, photos to sports cards.

from Open sea, users can sell and buy NFT and are billed 2.5% of each sale. In Indonesia, OpenSea has become a household name as a platform that makes Ghozaly Everyday rich by selling selfie photos.

Cited detikINET by Forbes, Monday (1/17/2022) OpenSea’s recent growth has been very rapid. It is estimated that they have raised $420 million in funding from investors since their inception to date.

Last month, OpenSea processed $3.3 billion in revenue and generated approximately $82.5 million in revenue. The number of employees is currently around 70 people.

Its founders, Finzer and Atallah, are only in their thirties. Both attended Brown University and then worked as programmers at Pinterest before later founding Open sea. “Our vision is to be the destination for a new, growing digital economy,” said Finzer.

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