Sony allows European users to sign up for a chance to buy PS5 – Gaming – News – Archyde

European consumers can now sign up for the chance to buy a PlayStation 5 console directly from the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, this is possible in the Netherlands and Belgium, for example.

Sony reports this on its website that there will be a “limited number of consoles” and that users can sign up via their PSN account for a chance to win. You can find instructions on how to do this on the website, VGC noticed in Eurogamer on. Users who do so will automatically have the option to purchase a PS5 from the company, although this cannot be guaranteed due to limited stocks. Selected users will receive an email with instructions. It is not yet known when the new share will go on sale.

Sony is making the PlayStation Direct Store available to consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others, the website says. The company currently only accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment methods, and users can purchase up to one PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition per household. Sony has closed its PlayStation Direct Store already online last year in the Benelux and already sold PS5 consoles there. The company did this, for example, via a queue system and by sending invitations to specific users itself.

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