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Great results for the Dacia brand, with an increase of 3.1% compared to the previous year, registrations in 2021 reached 537,095 units in a stable market which, as we know, has been badly affected by the health crisis and that of microphones (all still in connection with the Coronavisu pandemic, which seems to be giving us no peace).

Within its marketing perimeter, the company increases its market share by 0.1 points to 3.5%. The growth of the big ones is mainly due to this great success with the new range. In 2021, Dacia recorded a record 6.2% share of the consumer car market in Europe, becoming the third best-selling brand in Europe in the channel for the first time.

In particular, it is among others the first car brand for private customers in France and Romania and among the top 5 of 9 other European markets (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia). In Germany, the company is among the top 10, while maintaining its leading position in Morocco. Excellent performance that starts Successes of the new generations of Sandero and Duster.

Let’s start with the Sandero, which sold 226,825 units in 2021, with about 90% of the volume being made with the third generation of the model. In 2021, the Dacia Sandero is the best-selling model among private customers in Europe for the fifth year in a row, and in some countries it is even the best-selling car among customers across all channels. Contact instead Dacia Duster, we can say that it follows the same trend, since 2018 the best-selling SUV for private customers in Europe. With 186,001 units sold in 2021 in all countries has exceeded 2 million vehicles since launch which took place in 2010.

It obviously deserves a final mention the new Spring that Dacia presented and started selling last yearo, has successfully entered the 100% electric vehicle market with 27,876 units sold and has registered over 46,000 orders by the end of 2021. developed for democratize Access to electric vehicles for daily commuting is the reference city car in many markets.

What are the most popular models of the house

The Dacia range is becoming more and more attractive thanks to the all-inclusive versions highest in range, which are equipped with everything that is really essential for the customer. 90% of Spring customers choose the Comfort Plus version, while the Stepway version accounts for 70% of Sandero’s sales and 60% of Duster customers prefer the Prestige offering.

Dacia’s programs for 2022

This year as we all know the new jogger is coming which will work alongside the other successful models in the range. The revised 7-seater family car was developed to meet the needs of customers who are constantly looking for comfort, spaciousness and modularity. The implementation of the strategic plan will continue in 2022 with the development of the new brand identity both in the distribution network and at product level.

Denis Le Vot, General Manager of Dacia and LADA: “Today, Dacia is a real engine of growth for the Renault Group. 60% of Dacia buyers come from outside the Renault group, while 75% of DAcia owners who have to change cars remain within the group. A success that is mainly due to this higher versions in the range of all models that receive the unanimous approval of customers. In 2022 the house will open a new chapter in its history”.


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