Podcast De Dag: How useful is the child vaccine? – After world

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 will receive an invitation to be vaccinated against Corona this week. Their parents decide whether they make an appointment and a survey by the RIVM shows that half will certainly or probably do so, but the rest have doubts or don’t want to. Key questions are: is it safe and how useful is it?

Pediatrician and immunologist Emmeline Buddingh from the Willem Alexander Children’s Hospital in Leiden summarizes the facts in the podcast De Dag. She finds it particularly important that parents are well informed both about what it means to be vaccinated and about what can happen if a child falls ill with Corona. For them, the vaccination makes sense above all for the safety of the child itself, even more so that child vaccinations could help prevent the rapid spread of the virus.

Buddingh is the lead researcher on a nationwide study to better understand MIS-C. MIS-C is a severe inflammatory reaction that children can have a few weeks after their corona infection. In many cases, this disease ends in intensive care.

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