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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK government apparatus are facing multiple alleged rallies while the country was shut down. In 2020, there were allegations of twelve incidents.

* 15 May: Downing Street Garden Party. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie, former adviser Dominic Cummings and Johnson’s private secretary Martin Reynolds are seen in a photo leaked to The Guardian. They are seated at a table in the garden, with wine and cheese in front of them. 15 other people were also pictured. Johnson called it a working meeting.

* May 20: Hagefest. A leaked email from Reynolds to 100 Downing Street staff who were invited to an evening event where guests were asked to bring their own wine/drink.

* November 13: farewell party. Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed an event for outgoing Communications Director Lee Cain.

* November 13: Party at private house. It is alleged that Johnson’s then-fiancé hosted parties at the Downing Street private residence. A spokesman called the accusation “just nonsense”.

* November 25: Drink with Treasury staff, started impromptu after a business meeting.

* 27 November: Farewell to another Downing Street executive. Johnson is said to have spoken.

* December 10: Party sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Former Education Minister Gavin Williamson is said to have been there.

* 14 December: Party with mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey and staff at Tory Party Campaign Headquarters. Bailey has since apologized and admitted poor judgment.

* 15 December: Quiz at Downing Street. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pictured with colleagues, one wearing Christmas tinsel and another wearing a Santa hat. Downing Street admitted Johnson took the quiz “briefly” but said it was a virtual event.

* December 16: Civil servants at the Department of Transportation drank alcohol and danced in the office after hours. A spokesman later said it was a miscalculation and apologized.

* December 17: Christmas party at the government office. Invitations are said to have been sent out by the secretary to Simon Case, one of the government officials. In the digital calendars, the event was marked as a “Christmas party”.

* 18 December: Downing Street Christmas Party. The incident that sparked investigations into parties during the shutdown was allegations that a party had been organized for Downing Street staff. Boris Johnson should not have attended. His spokeswoman, Allegra Stratton, quit her job after a video clip of her joking about the incident at a quasi-press conference was leaked to the press


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