Penn State Wrestling Outstrips Rutgers 27-11: Full Results

The Penn State Wrestling Team improves to 11-0 on the season as they defeated Rutgers 27-11 in the friendly confines of Rec Hall

The Scarlet Knights rode into a snowy and bitterly cold Happy Valley on Sunday to take on Penn State Wrestling in a match of strength, will and determination.

Rutgers provided the biggest Big Ten Test yet for the Nittany Lions’ doubles season, and Penn State responded with a 27-11 win. So let’s see how it all went!

On to the action!

The doubles meet started at 125 p.m., where the Rec Hall crowd came alive as Drew Hildebrandt pulled out a buzzer beat takedown to win a 4-2 decision. The call was reviewed and confirmed, and the Nittany Lions took a 3-0 lead.

After missing Penn State Wrestling’s final match against Indiana, Roman Bravo-Young was back in the lineup for Penn State, wasting little time going to work. RBY used a series of takedowns in the first period to create an early lead. Bravo-Young finally decided 11:5 and the Nittany Lions extended their lead to 6:0 in the evening.

Unfortunately, as we reported earlier in the day, Nick Lee was not in the lineup. This was unfortunate for fans of college wrestling, as every matchup between Seabass and Lee is a must-watch on TV.

Cael Sanderson and crew eventually sent Brandon Meredith out, but he was no match for Rivera and lost a technical fall that gave Rutgers the first points of the night.

Next up was the second-place match of the dual and Beau Bartlett was looking to build on his impressive 2021-2022 resume. The match was a thrilling back-and-forth battle that went into a second overtime where neither was willing to concede an inch. However, Bartlett failed to land a shot in the final 30 seconds and lost the decision 4-3, giving Rutgers their first lead at 8-6.

On a side note, Beau appeared to have won the match with two separate takedowns. But Angel Rivera (head referee) struck again. Go on.

Next up was the plucky Tony Negron with 157, and despite building a 4-1 lead early on, he couldn’t hold on, losing a heartbreaking 6-4 decision in the first sudden win. At the break, Rutgers took the lead 11:6.

After half-time, the home crowd was greeted by a familiar face as Brady Berge made his debut of the season at 165. Would Berge have to tap the rust off the long break?

crap no!!

Brady looked strong as he finished off his opponent with an escape and takedown in the third third to make the 5-1 decision and close the gap to 11-9.

Carter Starocci went to the absolute work in the next match at 174, obliterating his opponent with a bevy of takedowns, back points and painful-looking stances as he won the second-third technical fall 19-2. The Nittany Lions took a 14-11 lead again with three games to go.

Then, at 184, in the dual’s highest-ranked matchup, Aaron Brooks continued to roll through the contest. John Poznanski, the No. 5 grappler at rank 184, was no match for Brooks’ speed and finishing ability. Aaron leapt over Poznanski from the opening whistle to snap the 10-2 major decision and the Nittany Lions extended the lead to 18-11.

Starocci and Brooks went about their business, would the remaining boys continue Penn State’s dominance in the heavier weight classes?

is water wet

In the case of the Nittany Lions, it’s soggy.

Max Dean’s match against Greg Bulsak was the fourth and final ranked matchup of the duel. And boy did it not disappoint. Dean took an early lead but Bulsak fought back to build a narrow lead himself. Then, in the third period, with the match tied at 6-6, Max was able to land another takedown after a brief scramble. Dean ended up sticking with the 9-6 decision added by drive timing.

In the final match of the night, Greg Kerkvliet does what he does best. Win and win big.

Kerk Kong completely smothered his opponent, locking himself in a cradle midway through the first period. Angel Rivera hit the mat and Kerkvliet earned the tumble as Penn State defeated Rutgers 27-11 in a highly entertaining duel.

Next up for the Nittany Lions is a trip to Ann Arbor where they face a dangerous Michigan side. The dual is scheduled for January 21 at 6 p.m. and will air on the Big Ten Network.

Nr. 14 Rutgers 11 Nr. 1 Penn State Wrestling 27

125 Nr. 9 Drew Hildebrandt (PSU) Decline over Dylan Shawver (RU) 4-2, RU 0 PSU 3
133 Nr. 1 Roman Bravo-Young (PSU) Decrease via #20 Joey Olivieri (RU) 11-5, RU 0 PSU 6
141 No. 3 Sebastian Rivera (RU) Tech falls over Brandon Meredith (Power Supply) 17-1, RU 5 power pack 6
149 No. 18 Mike Van Brill (RU) abn Nr. 19 Beau Bartlett (PSU) 4-3, HE 8 power pack 6
157 Robert Kanniard (RU) abk Tony Negron (power pack) 6-4, RU 11 power pack 6
165 Brady Berge (power supply) Decrease over Andrew Clark (RU) 5-1, RU 11 PSU 9
174 Brunnen. 1 Carter Old People (PSU) Tech case on Connor O’Neill (RU) 19-2, RU 11 PSU 14
184 Nr. 1 Aaron Brooks (PSU) Maj Dez über Nr. 5 John Poznanski (RU) 10-2, RU 11 PSU 18
197 #2 Max Dean (PSU) dec über Nr. 7 Greg Bulsak (RU) 9-6, RU 11 PSU 21
285 No. 4 Greg Kerkvliet (power pack) Fall over Alex Esposito (RU) 1:45, RU 11 PSU 27

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