Mannequin dressed as Prince Charming is mistaken for a dead body in the car on the Autobahn – Archyde

Fears that a pair of feet sticking out of a rolled-up carpet in a car on the M11 belonged to a dead body have fortunately proved unfounded.

Police officers had been called to the Cambridgeshire motorway and were relieved to discover that the feet were those of a mannequin dressed as a prince charming.

The force said in a social media post: “Of course, when we received a call on Saturday midday to report that a vehicle was traveling along the M11 with a pair of feet sticking out of the end of a rolled-up piece of carpet, alarm bells went off Informant and our control room.

“We managed to track down the vehicle at Angel Drove, Ely, where our officers discovered that there were indeed a pair of feet… belonging to a mannequin dressed as Prince Charming, on his way to a themed birthday party!”

The Prince Charming mannequin

“The driver was warned that such circumstances will not be repeated!

“Luckily that was a false alarm.”

The driver of the vehicle that was taking the dummy to a themed birthday party was given “advice… to avoid a repeat of such circumstances,” Cambridgeshire Police said.


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