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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – divide PT GTS Internasional Tbk (GTSI), the liquefied natural gas (LNG) issuer of Tommy Suharto, rose sharply and exited the Rp 50/share level at the end of Monday (17/1/2022). GTSI shares have thus managed to strengthen again after the last time in mid-December 2021.

According to Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data, GTSI shares closed down 26.00% at Rp63/share. Transaction value of GTSI shares today reached Rp. 14.92 billion and trading volume was 242.74 million shares.

Before that, the last time GTSI shares closed successfully in the green zone was on December 17, 2021 at a price of Rp. 71/share. After that, this stock went red 12 times and stagnated 7 times.

Along with the rise in share prices, the company announced in an information release on IDX this Monday (17/01) that it has secured a new cooperation agreement with BP Berau Ltd (a subsidiary of BP). The new order was acquired through GTSI subsidiary PT Hikmah Sarana Bahari (HSB).

The new contract relates to the transportation of LNG cargo by the ship EKAPUTRA-1 with a term of 1 year from January 7, 2022.

The cooperation agreement was signed on January 7 by HSB President Director Dandun Widodo and Asia Pacific Procurement Delivery Senior Manager BP Berau Ltd. Signed Herbiana Wintawati.

“We are proud of the acquisition of this contract, which transports liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Tangguh [yang dioperasikan oleh BP Berau] to several terminals in western Indonesia, explained Kemal Imam Santoso, President Director of GTSI.

For information: For the current contract, EKAPUTRA-1 transports LNG produced at Tangguh LNG Plant operated by BP Berau Ltd with a loading site (Loading) in Tangguh Harbour, Bintuni Bay, West Papua and removal opening which are said to be located at several points in western Indonesia including Arun Port, West Java FSRU, Lampung FSRU and Java One FSRU.

Just so you know, GTSI first went public on September 8, 2021 at an IPO price (initial public offering/IPO) IDR 100/share. At that time, GTSI’s IPO proceeds amounted to Rp. 240 billion.

The parent company is PT Hateka Trans Internasional (which controls 84.80% of the shares) and the ultimate parent company is PT Humpuss Intermoda Transport Tbk (HITS).

Meanwhile, based on the company’s IPO prospectus, ultimate beneficial owner von GTSI ist Hutomo Mandala Putra alias Tommy Suharto.


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