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The Covid-19 swab test kit is rumored to contain ethylene oxide, a substance that causes cancer. This comes from a statement by a health worker that has gone viral on social media. Photo/SCMP

JAKARTA – Tool Testabstrich Covid-19 Rumored to contain ethylene oxide, an ingredient that can cause Krebs . This message is crowded, according to a health worker viral on social media .

This statement surprised the public. Because during Pandemic Covid-19 , the public must take a swab test in order to travel.

Quoted from Instagram, Monday (1/17/2022), Ethylene oxide (EO) is a chemical gas that has been used to sterilize medical devices for decades.

This material is used because it kills microbes very effectively without damaging these medical devices. Ethylene oxide is classified as a carcinogen or carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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This can happen at high levels and long exposures. Many cases occur in officers who have been exposed to excessive amounts of this gas for years.

The use of EO to sterilize medical devices has been strictly regulated by the authorized institutions in each country with international standards. Very few traces of the sterilization process remain, so it is safe for human use.

A 2016 study showed that 3 weeks after the sterilization process, EO concentrations were no longer detectable in medical devices sterilized with this EO gas.

The conclusion is a swab testing tool Covid-19 Sterilized with EO conforms to internationally standardized procedures, making it safe to use.

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