COVID: Jalisco adds fifth consecutive day with more than two thousand cases

The Radar Jalisco system notified 2,603 ​​new cases of COVID-19 tonight, a figure with 177 fewer affected than on Saturday, this marks the trend of five consecutive days in which the maximum number of infections at the state level has been exceeded since the start of the health crisis, in March 2020.

With this statistic, the total number of people affected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the Entity rose to 427,960. The number of infected has risen by the variant Omicron, which stands out for being more contagious.

The authorities of the Ministry of Health also confirmed seven more deaths caused by the coronavirus, bringing the total to 86 deaths so far this year. The accumulated reached 17 thousand 718 deaths at the state level.

Until January 11, the governor of Jalisco said there were 66 official sequenced cases with the variant omicron, not counting the positivity sampled. However, based on the figures presented, what was said by the head of the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara, Jaime Andrade, and the rector of the University of Guadalajara, Ricardo Villanueva, in the Entity there would be just over 6,720 people sick with this strain.



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