Blue Monday: Why is the third Monday in January the saddest day of the year?

Blue Monday is the term used to name the third Monday in January, considered by many “the saddest day of the year” due to various factors related to the end of the holiday season, cold weather in many parts of the world, and economic problems that are more common during the first few weeks of the year.

The belief in “Blue Monday” dates back to 2005 when British professor Cliff Arnall stated in a press release that, based on an equation, the third Monday in January is the day people feel the saddest.

However, experts from different parts of the world have denied this study since it does not have “methodological principles”.

Even Cardiff University itself – where Cliff Arnall was a professor – distanced itself from the statements related to Blue Monday, and made public that Arnall no longer worked for them.

The belief of Blue Moday as the saddest day of the year arose in 2005 from an equation made by psychologist Cliff Arnall. GETTY IMAGES ISTOCK

What’s behind Blue Monday?

Although many people identify with the concept of Blue Monday, and – as the alleged study explains – weather conditions and the end of the Christmas season have repercussions on people’s moods, it was all part of an advertising campaign for the travel agency Sky Travel, who were looking to increase their sales in one of the lowest seasons of the year.



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