Alfa F1 boss has ‘complete confidence’ in Bottas after success in junior series – Archyde

Alfa Romeo team boss Vasseur will reunite with Bottas after his move from Mercedes for the 2022 season. Vasseur previously worked with Bottas on his ART Grand Prix team in both Formula 3 and GP3.

Bottas won the GP3 title with ART in 2011 and put it on course for an F1 drive with Williams in 2013.

Vasseur was confident his past relationship with Bottas would help lay the groundwork for a renewed collaboration in F1, similar to how he had previously worked with Charles Leclerc ahead of his successful season at Sauber in 2018.

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“It’s important to have a good personal relationship, full trust and a good understanding of each other,” Vasseur told Autosport.

“I’ve seen it with Charles in the past, when you work together on the junior series, you’ve known the guy for a long, long time. You don’t have to talk too much to understand what he’s expecting.

“The relationship you can build in the junior series is completely different than the relationship in F1. We are much more in touch.”

Bottas won the GP3 title for Vasseur’s ART team in 2011 and the current Alfa F1 boss is hoping the renewed partnership can be just as fruitful

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Vasseur has said he believes Bottas can thrive outside Lewis Hamilton’s shadow at Alfa Romeo after the team signed him to take on a multi-year deal as manager alongside 2022 F1 rookie Guanyu Zhou.

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Bottas helped Mercedes win the constructors’ championship in all five seasons with the team and finished second in the drivers’ championship twice, for a total of 10 wins.

While the Finn struggled to keep up with Hamilton throughout the season, many of his victories came from dominant performances in which he outclassed the rest of the field.

When asked if he had seen signs of such dominance in the junior categories, Vasseur replied: “If you want to find positive factors in the junior series, you can always find them.

“But I think your summary was good. If everything is perfect, he can fly. On some weekends he was faster than Lewis.

“He did some mega good events in the last part of the season [in 2021]. Maybe because we signed and he has a new project, he was a little more relaxed. I hope it helped him.”

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