A pick-up car lost in Pangandaran, stolen by thieves

Pangandaran News, (harapanrakyat.com), – A black pickup truck belonging to Herwanto, a resident of Padasuka Hamlet, Wonoharjo, Pangandaran Regency District, was stolen by thieves on Monday (1/17/2022).

Herwanto said his car, number Z 8749 UN, was parked at his parents’ Mamat home.

At the time, Herwanto said it was the driver named Rofik who parked at his parents’ home around 12:00 p.m. WIB on Sunday (1/16/2022).

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“But around 04.30 WIB my parents were surprised because the car wasn’t there. Then he asked his children it wasn’t there. Although Rofik said his car was locked,” he explained.

In addition, he continued, his sister-in-law, named Sani Sofyana, saw the car parked at Mamat’s house around 2:30 a.m. WIB before the incident.

“Because of this incident, in addition to the search, I also immediately reported to the police so that the police could proceed,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Pangandaran Police Chief Kompol Haryono confirmed the incident was within his remit.

His party immediately investigated the loss and gathered information from the victim and a number of neighbors.

“We will do the developments immediately after going to the crime scene related to the pick-up truck theft. There is very little information at the moment,” he said.

He added that since he served as Pangandaran Police Chief, there have been two reports of missing pick-up cars and 9 two-wheeled vehicles.

“We are stepping up night patrols and also reaching out to the public to protect their vehicles from theft,” he concluded. (Madlani/R6/HR-Online/Editor Muhafid)


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