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from Guido De Carolis, sent to Bergamo

The Nerazzurri goalkeeper was crucial in the second half against Pessina and Muriel. Opportunities for Dzeko and Sanchez but the Nerazzurri fail to score after 39 games

It all happens together. Inter stops after eight wins in a row and for the first time in 39 games does not find the target. The Nerazzurri are also forced by Atalanta, the most similar team in terms of play, intensity and organization. However, no one dislikes the point. Inzaghi could be overtaken by Milan with a game in hand on Monday, but getting out of the Bergamo trap unscathed is never a given.

Unusual rather than between best attacking (Inter) and fourth in Serie A (Atalanta) ends with a goalless equalizer thanks to the two goalkeepers. The challenge of good play was Italian in the first part, with blocked teams, European in the other when, with the desire to win, it empowered taking more risks.

The championship game offers more tactics than emotions. The field becomes a table, full of moves and repetitions. With plenty of injuries, a padded Primavera bench and only three real substitutions available, Choosing not to mirror, Gasperini abandons the three-man defense and turns to a more solid line, with four men. The variant changes Inter’s approach to the game, which is smothered in its half of the pitch by the opponent’s pressing, which reaches Handanovic’s area. Brozovic, always doubling up, struggles to get his team out, is forced into constant duels in midfield traffic. Atalanta is not dangerous, annoying yes.

You end up playing with quick possession, short and cautious teams, potentially interesting moves that get destroyed on the edge of the two areas. Atalanta is less granite behind and lets something happen: Headshot of Dzeko, being berated by the fans with racist chants: “You are a gypsy.” The benefit if you eat it Sánchez
, with a cross shot intercepted by Musso. Handanovic only has to intervene in the final after a soft header from Pessina.

In the second half, the board is overturned, less tactics, more courage, more emotions. Inter risk a lot early on, a miracle from Handanovic saves them from Pessina’s punch. Atalanta can’t keep up with the very high pace, although they managed the game and caused trouble in the Nerazzurri’s midfield, they need to take a few breaks and try to take advantage of them. Inter, with dangerous restarts entrusted to Sanchez while he’s there. He can’t break through, neither with Dzeko nor with Darmian.

Inzaghi tries to win the game with the best weapon: the bench, which Gasperini doesn’t have. Change three in one fell swoop Atalanta remains to be seen for lack of alternatives. The step is correct, Inzaghi’s team increases the speed, Dzeko is not a sideline killer and gambles away the lead.

The signal is clear, the Nerazzurri want to conquer the field, Atalanta defends and scores. Like a shark, Inter sniffs the blood and hammers Musso superbly at Vidal. The Bergamo players, on the other hand, have long been a team of European stature, they master the difficulty, overcome it and increase the pace. A whip accused by Inter on the verge of collapsing three times: Pasalic lays aside and Muriel is blocked after a master action by Handanovic, who is repeated on Pasalic himself. An endless match where D’Ambrosio fires the last bullet at the Outer Pole. It ends evenly, good for the standings and not to be scoffed at for the show, by two more European and less Italian teams.

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