The Netherlands are largely lifting the lockdown: shops are allowed to reopen (but gastronomy will remain closed for the time being) – Archyde

Shops are allowed to open again from Saturday until 5 p.m., supermarkets and shops for daily needs until 8 p.m. Although with a mouthguard obligation, social distancing, and with a maximum of one customer per 5 square meters. Contact professions such as hairdressers or sex workers are also allowed to receive customers again, under the same conditions as shops. Sport is also allowed again, both indoors and outdoors (but without an audience). Classes will also be fully reopened and can be continued physically all day. From Saturday, the Dutch will be allowed to receive four instead of two people at home again. However, you are not allowed to visit more than one household per day.

The areas of gastronomy, events and culture will remain closed for the time being. The pressure is increasing “from all sides” to relax the corona measures, said Rutte. “And I understand that. Following the advice of the Outbreak Management Team, we see room for rule-breaking, but that’s still no consolation for all sectors. The gastronomy, the event area and the cultural area will have to remain closed for a while.”

Rutte emphasized that not everything can be opened at the same time. The infection rates are just too high for that. With the relaxed package of measures announced by the government, the daily infection numbers could potentially rise to 75,000 or 80,000 per day. “These are huge numbers,” said the Prime Minister.

Use mouth masks

The government also wants to encourage the use of medical mouth masks, Health Minister Ernst Kuipers said. They are therefore not mandatory, but they are urgent notices. The number of places where wearing mouth masks is recommended will also be expanded. Wearing a face mask is recommended wherever a distance of 1.5 meters is not possible. This applies, for example, to heavily frequented outdoor public spaces such as shopping streets. But also at work. It is also recommended to wear a disposable mouth mask from now on. Cloth and homemade mouth caps are not recommended.

On Tuesday 25 January there will be a new “weighing moment” with the gastronomic and cultural sector as a priority.

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