Mi Vacuna Jalisco: Teachers are immunized for the second day at the University Cultural Center

The University of Guadalajara announced that the second day of applications of booster anticovid vaccines to teachers was successful, with order, coordination and in a fluid manner in the pavilion of the University Cultural Center (CCU) to protect administrative and academic workers of the University of Guadalajara. Guadalajara (UdeG) against SARS-CoV-2, although teachers from other educational institutions also received reinforcement.

In total there were 6,400 doses scheduled for today, to immunize the same number of people, in the CCU, reported Dr. Pedro Alonso Mejía, from the Adolescent Health Care Program (PASIA) and Vaccines in the Health region number 10, by the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ).

“We have had a very quiet day. There has been speed and fluidity, and we have had practically no incidents in this event at the CCU,” said Maricela García Palma, head of nurses for Zapopan’s health region 10, who added that the day will end tomorrow, at 3:00 p.m. :30 hours in the CCU, but the reinforcement vaccination for teachers will continue until Sunday in the Benito Juárez auditorium.

The teachers and workers were accommodated in the four vaccination cells that were organized by colors; sitting a meter apart, and waiting for the nurses to inoculate them with the biological from the Moderna pharmaceutical company, already with the documentation previously filled out. The vaccinated had to wait 15 minutes to verify that there was no reaction.

Those in charge of logistics were specialists from the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS), in coordination with the State Government. The rector of the CUCS, Dr. José Francisco Muñoz Valles, described the conference as excellent, and also highlighted the integrated work of the Ministry of Health.

A total of 300 people participated in the logistics at the CCU, which includes vaccine applicators, volunteers and a support team from the UdeG. There was also a vaccine application at the University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering (CUCEI).

Between the two metropolitan modules, 600 people participated, including applicators, volunteers and the support team from the UdeG, not including the workers who work for both.

In the CCU, the average time that people received the COVID-19 vaccine booster was approximately 30 minutes or one hour.

In addition to the metropolitan modules already mentioned, those located in the university centers were added to the event: Los Valles (CUValles), South Coast (CUCSur), North (CUNorte), Los Lagos (CULagos), the Ciénega (CUCiénega), the Coast (CUCosta), the Altos (CUAltos) and the South (CUSur), according to information provided by Muñoz Valle.

He specified that an application of 28,000 to 30,000 vaccines per day is calculated in the ten modules that were installed in the university network.



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