Gastronomy open here and there despite the ban • Lighting in ICs, postponed care resumed – Archyde

In various places, catering establishments are opening today despite the ban. In some places this is even done with a blind eye to the municipality, such as in South Limburg.

“Among other things, the situation at the border has made the situation in South Limburg particularly dramatic,” say mayors from this region. in a joint statement. Restaurants, cafés and cultural institutions are now allowed to open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., although the cabinet does not actually allow it. Other corona rules such as tickets will then be enforced.

Kim Boonstra vom Groningen Tasting Room an der Amstel plant don’t stick to any rules. “Everyone is welcome on Saturday, whether vaccinated, with complaints or not. If you’re scared, stay home.” She wants to “make a fist” on principle. “If I’m not corrected, I open up more often.”

Luxor cinema goes in Meppel to open again, because owner Albert-Jan Vos believes it can be done safely. “We are already used to access control, so checking a Corona ticket is not a problem for us.” In addition, according to him, it is possible to provide people with permanent seating and there is sufficient ventilation.

Prime Minister Rutte announced some easing of the corona policy at the press conference yesterday, such as an end to the shopping ban and the reopening of fitness studios.

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