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What you should know

  • Spread over 50 hectares, the destination is famous for its cultivated Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers
  • The season runs from March 1st to Mother’s Day every year
  • $17 for adults, $15 for seniors, $5 for children (plus fees)

If colors, designs, views and shapes seem a little muted in winter, they often are.

The air might be a little misty, the hues of the season tend to be softer, and we’re not looking for boldness in the cold, but rather soothing imagery that emits a cozy, cozy glow.

But when March arrives in all its blooms and the days suddenly feel so much longer, we want the world to live up to that vibrant vibe.

And there are few places in the Golden State quite as vibrant, lively, and ultra-wowza as the multi-acre destination in Carlsbad, not too far from the ocean’s edge.

It is The flower fields we’re talking about the agricultural wonderland that stretches across 50 hectares of rolling countryside.

And appearing in this landscape for several spectacular weeks?

Huge Tecolote Ranunculus flowers, acres and acres of them, in all sorts of unreal shades of yellow, red and pink.

Unreal is of course a poetic high, as no dyes are used to create the colors that sprout from The Flower Fields each spring.

Well, every winter and spring, we should say. The attraction opens on March 1st every year, and the last date every year is Mother’s Day, which is the second Sunday in May.

And tickets for the extravagance 2022?

They are on sale now that January is nearing its midpoint. You should choose your day and time before purchasing and be aware of what to expect when you visit.

For example?

All those millions of big buds don’t all appear at once, and the climax scene often comes later in April. But many fans prefer to arrive earlier in the season, in those early weeks before the crowds arrive in search of highlights.

You can still see flowers, some of the first buds of the season, one or more at a time, and even if they don’t make the whole hill-covering thing just yet, you can connect with the colour, beauty and shapes of the famous specimens .

reading into this sophisticated wonderland of joy, fresh air and flowers straight out of a fairy tale and buy your ticket while there are still dates to choose from.

Call them bright in Technicolor, call them intensely imagined, say they were created by the saturated crayons in the box, but know these wonders can be admired in wonderful abundance every spring, right off the 5 Freeway in Carlsbad .


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