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The world collapses on him Prinz Andrew that having lost royal titles and privileges, he may also lose his magnificent home 30 million pounds located in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Prince Andrew also loses his house

The Queen Elizabeth he had no mercy for his favorite son. The monarchy comes first, and so the American court upheld Prince Andrew’s involvement in the related matter Epstein-Scandal, He revoked all military appointments and royal patronage from the third child. Andrea no longer has the right to be called His Royal Highness and stand before the American judges he will defend himself as a private citizen.

But in addition to the privileges of rank, Andrea could also lose the roof over her head. The Duke of York might actually be forced to leave that Royal Lodge, the home granted to him by the Queen within the Windsor estate. And all because of Andrea soon will need a lot of money.

Prince Andrew, what is your house worth?

However, the property is not his property, it belongs to the Crown, so he cannot sell it to make money. But a move to a more modest home would save him quite a bit. In 2003, Andrea signed a 75-year lease on the property with the clause of Pay 1 million pounds one-off fee to the Crown Estate, which Express says would amount to £250,000 a week.

The house, which has 31 bedrooms and is only three miles from Windsor Castle, worth £30 million. The Royal Lodge was the old home of the Queen Mother, Andrew’s grandmother. During his stay, the prince spent £7.5million on refurbishment and upgrading, also adding an outdoor pool.

After retiring as an active member of the royal family in 2019, the Duke was allowed to keep his residence in Windsor Park. Here he lived with the daughters Beatrice and Eugeniabefore they got married. He now shares a house with his ex-wife, although they reportedly live in different wings of the mansion. In any case, Andrea and his (ex-)wife will soon be packing their bags.

The Royal Lodge in a photo from 1942


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