Tips to make the most of the gym

Did you know that Mexico ranks third in the list of countries with the highest number of gyms? This figure is contrasted with the fact that Mexico is the country with the highest percentage of the population with obesity in the world. The other fact that we all know because at some time, or rather some “year” we have been part of the statistics, is that the month of January represents the greatest boom in gym registrations. Remember that New Year’s resolutions will not fulfill themselves.

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That is why I want to give you some recommendations so that you get the most out of that annuity that you already paid.

The health is first. A common mistake is NOT to go to the doctor, since we only leave this when we consider that we are sick. Health personnel not only take care of us in some condition, but also prevent diseases. If you are about to start a sport or physical activity, visit your doctor.

A routine medical evaluation will provide you with information about your health status and on that to lay the foundations for a physical trainer to develop the best training strategies for you.

The silent training. The reason for nutrition as a branch in the health sciences has to do with the importance of knowing choose and combine foods based on the nutrients we require according to the objectives.

Having the advice of a nutritionist is essential in any cycle of your life. But when it comes to physical training, nutrition is known as silent training. The reason for calling it that lies in the fact that it acts throughout our lives, since our body constantly makes “adjustments” to maintain that order that we can interpret as “health” and for this it needs the nutrients that food provides us. It is not only about spending hours in the gym, but also about adapting our nutrition to physical needsOtherwise, we will be at risk of injury and even malnutrition.

Sports nutrition is divided into three large groups; before, during and after training. In this way, we prepare our body for training sessions, we manage to maintain energy and hydration levels during exercise and at the end we make the most of that famous metabolic window, where our muscles recover and develop.

Nutrition and sport go hand in hand to get the results you want / Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

Discipline and perseverance are essential in any physical and / or sports activity that you practice; Do not forget that exercise is not only to improve your physical appearance, the first changes occur at a physiological level, which we do not appreciate, but we feel them when exceeding the weights in the lifts and improving the times on the endless band.

Do not forget; prepare yourself, take care of yourself and be firm in your goals. I hope the above helps you to give your best in each training session and thus achieve your physical and sports goals.

With information from Dr. Alberto Molás, Member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board of Nutritionists



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