Three districts in Sampang are vulnerable to DHF mosquito attacks

SAMPANG, – Three subdistricts in the Sampang district are susceptible to dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) mosquitoes.

Three of the fourteen subdistricts in the Sampang reign are vulnerable to dengue mosquito attacks, including Sampang, Omben and Torjun subdistricts.

The head of the P2PM, Health and Family Planning Bureau (Dinkes KB) of the Sampang Regency, Samsul Hidayat, conveyed through his staff Moch Ali that the three subdistricts are susceptible to dengue mosquito attacks because of the data on cases of dengue mosquito infections were, be high.

Based on data on cases of dengue mosquito infestation in 2021 recorded in the puskesmas in the three sub-counties, the Kota county area is known to have hit 124 cases, with data from the Kamoning Health Center 63 cases and Banyuanyar Health Center 61 cases. Then there were 19 cases at Torjun Health Center, Torjun District. Also in the Omben district, namely 18 cases in the Jrengoan Health Center and 2 cases in the Omben Health Center.

“On average, patients with dengue fever are 1-20 years old,” he said on Tuesday, January 2021.

One of the reasons for the high number of dengue cases is the still lacking public awareness of the implementation of a clean and healthy lifestyle.

“We urge the public to effectively kill mosquito larvae by 3-M methods, ie by emptying, sealing and burying. Then actively use mitigation. Because we also offer a free reduction in every health center. That way, the dengue mosquito can be properly anticipated, ”he explained. Mühlis / ROS / VEM

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