The old half-life becomes more beautiful thanks to ray tracing

Unlike most new graphics technologies that graphics card manufacturers are trying to dazzle at all costs, not only is ray tracing a cool sounding name, but its effects on the visual appearance of games are noticeable to the layperson.

After a tentative start, thanks to games like control or Cyberpunk 2077 popular enough to be the main argument thatPC master race“Mess with its console counterparts (even such a PS5-exclusive) Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart he can also handle it more than decently).

Thanks to ray tracing, it is possible to change the lighting of the surrounding space in real time. It may not sound like that interesting, but the truth is that this technology has a far greater impact on the resulting experience than, say, twice the number of details for individual objects in the same scene. A fan of the classic half-life shooter from 1998, which appears on the Internet under the nickname sultim_t, which tries to implement ray tracing in an ancient engine from old Quke, is also trying to exploit this.

The first few videos look more than decent, but the general consensus on the discussion forums is that the author would do better if he tried to improve the Black Mesa remake in a similar way (see our reviews). In any case, we will definitely try the result, but unfortunately we don’t even know when we will make it the author himself.

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