Tennis. ATP released a statement on Novak Djokovic – Nach Welt

Djokovic drive on Antipodestake part Australian Open. Originally, he was given a visa even though he is not vaccinated COVID-19 and recognized as the so-called “medical exception”. On arrival, however, the Serb learned that his visa … had been canceled and that he was being placed in solitary confinement to await his appeal in the case he had brought, of course.

Meanwhile, tennis attorneys announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus on December 16, preventing him from taking the vaccine, rendering the behavior of Australian authorities unfounded. It therefore appeared that the appeal would be upheld. And it happened just … he can still be deportedwhich has already been confirmed by those around him.

The association has not yet commented on this ATP. She didn’t do it until Monday in a special statement. As we read, while she values ​​the casualties of Australian citizens fighting the pandemic through strict restrictions, she believes that the rules that apply must be clarified.

– It is clear that on his trip to Australia, Novak Djoković believed that he met all the requirements for a medical exception. The series of events that we have witnessed affects everyone, we read.

At the same time, the ATP called on athletes to get vaccinated as often as possible. – In our opinion, it is necessary for our sport to overcome the pandemic – it was written. As added, 97% of competitors preparing to start in AO are vaccinated.


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