Steelers fans thank Raiders-Kicker with donations for charity – Die Welt

As he lined up for the final kick of the game on Sunday night, Las Vegas Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson held a team’s playoff fate in his foot. Just not his own team.

Had Carlson missed his 47-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds of extra time, the Raiders would have tied the Los Angeles Chargers and both teams would have reached the AFC playoffs at the expense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Instead, he drilled the 47-yard kick to end the Chargers season and send the Steelers into the playoffs.

This wasn’t the only time Carlson had helped the Steelers as he also made game-locking kicks against Team AFC North rivals Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.

Steelers fans apparently thank Carlson for his help avoiding a tie that would have eliminated their team by donating to a number of charities he was involved in, according to a tweet from Carlson on Monday.

Carlson followed up the tweet with links to it aTeam ministries, All-Stars after school in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada boys and girls clubs.

This isn’t the first time an NFL fan base has thanked another team’s player for indirectly saving his season. 17 years of post-season drought.

It’s a heartwarming way to end the season for Carlson, who was one of the NFL’s top kickers with 40 field goals scored in 43 tries, including six out of seven from 50 yards or longer.

Daniel Carlson is a popular man with Steelers fans. (Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports)

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