Rutte’s fourth cabinet captures the era on day 1 – archyde

In other departments, the gifts were more traditional. For example, the new Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren received a flag of honor and a Klewang (the traditional sword of the Marechaussee).

And the new treasurer of the country, Kaag, got the key to the treasury via the TV screen of the outgoing Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra. “We’ll beam it to you on Star Treks if I get it right.” Hoekstra did well, and a moment later Kaag was beaming, key in hand. “Thank you Wopke.”

Still exciting

The only person who did not have to report for the transfer was Mark Rutte. Last year it seemed not always likely, but he remains at his post. The political survivor took the stage as prime minister for the fourth time and, as of today, heads a cabinet with the same four parties as in the past four years.

One could think of a piece of cake for Rutte, such a swearing-in day. The prime minister, who had not been in office for the longest time, disagreed with this after the new team’s first council of ministers in the late afternoon. “It’s a new beginning. I went to bed last night and found it exciting again. “

Rutte also discussed the very limited voter confidence in the new cabinet. According to a. “Not that much” or “not at all” confidence Research from I&O Research. Restoring confidence is “a task and an obligation”, said the Prime Minister, “hard work” and “above all, show it”.

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