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Unlocking smartphones with a fingerprint reader is one of the best gadgets that mobile phone manufacturers have come up with in the past few years. Do you agree? So far, two basic design solutions to this problem have reached mass production – either the sensor is on the back, on the side of the phone, or it is under the touch screen display layer. We can still judge the second-mentioned reader according to the scanning principle, but that is not so important at the moment. The main thing is that the sensor has always been at a certain point in the background of the screen. But if he catches up with his own interesting patent Xiaomi company, it can be different.

The Chinese company registered the idea that there might be a fingerprint reader that scans the entire screen. The envisaged technical solution would make it possible to create a large sensor from the entire screen, So it wouldn’t matter where the user touches it with their finger. This is great news for those who have this security feature enabled and at the same time are struggling to find the reader’s location.

How exactly is it supposed to work? Xiaomi intends to insert between the AMOLED display panel and the touch layer Grid of infrared LEDs (transmitter) and sensors (receiver). As soon as the user touches the screen with his finger, the software recognizes its tips and edges, “illuminates” it and uses the reflected rays to evaluate whether it is a fingerprint stored in the system. Simply put, it’s an extension of one of the existing solutions. we hope that Xiaomi actually going to try to implement. It should be noted that Huawei had the same idea and patent years ago, but the implementation is clearly freezing.

What kind of fingerprint reader do you have on your phone?

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