Palmeiras withdraws Salcedo’s proposal to avoid legal problems – archyde

THAT Palm trees negotiated the arrival of Tigres defender Carlos Salcedo from Mexico. However, the club withdrew the player’s proposal to avoid legal problems. The information comes from the Mexican website Tudn.

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The defender had hired agent Daniel Kozik to look for interested clubs in Brazil, including Verdão Flamengo, analyzed the situation of the athlete. Alviverde even sent a suggestion and basically agreed with the Mexican to count on him for the next season.

However after OUR LECTUREAt the time the negotiations were concluded, the Mexican de Salcedo’s agent wanted to negotiate alone – a negotiation usually begins and ends with the same representative. Despite Alviverdes and the athlete’s efforts to find a happy ending, the club therefore withdrew the proposal, fearing that there would be legal problems if the deal was successful.

However, this does not prevent the ability to resume calls. To do this, Daniel and the player representative must make an agreement and thus support Palmeiras in any legal disputes.

knew that Z.B also that the athlete’s mediator viewed the management of Palmeiras as exemplary and knew that if it depends on the club, the deal will be sealed.

At the moment, Verdão referred to the arrival of Murilo Cerqueira from Lokomotiv from Russia.


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