Ovo Energy: British utility apologizes for “badly rated” tips email – World Wide Web

The UK’s third largest energy company has apologized after advising customers to “snuggle up with their pets” to stay warm and save on heating bills.

According to the Financial Times, Ovo Energy emailed its customers last week a list of 10 “Easy, Inexpensive Ways To Keep Warm This Winter”.

In addition to cuddling pets to keep them warm, other tips included “challenge the children to a hula hoop competition”, “make star jumps” and “clean the house”.

It came as the UK cost of living crisis is expected to worsen.

According to some predictions, UK energy bills could rise by more than 50 percent in April for millions of households on a standard tariff.

Bristol North West MP and Business Select Committee chairman Darren Jones described Ovo Energy’s advice as “offensive” and called on the company to apologize.

In a subsequent tweet he wrote, “I’m not sure who signed a marketing campaign asking people to wear a sweater and eat porridge instead of turning on the heater when they can’t afford it.”

Ovo has since apologized for the information and told the FT: “We understand how difficult the situation will be for many of our customers this year.

“We are working hard to find meaningful solutions as we approach this energy crisis, and we understand that the content on this blog has been poorly judged and not helpful. We are embarrassed and we sincerely apologize. “

In April, the price cap, which limits the fees charged by energy providers, will be raised.

It’s already at a record £ 1,277, but Investec analysts believe it could climb to £ 1,995.

The increases are due to a sharp rise in global gas prices, which were driven up by high demand worldwide.

Energy UK trade organization executive director Emma Pinchbeck said last month the government could cut any household bills by £ 90 by cutting taxes or sales tax.

In the meantime, bills could be cut by an additional £ 190 by putting forward proposals to get rid of the cost of the policy.


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