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“We played a very positive game overall,” said Nélson Veríssimo, summing up the good performance and the deserved 2-0 win over Paços de Ferreira, also with a new coach, who came from two victories in the league.

“The game was played well by the team, but there is room for growth,” says our coach, in terms of “regularity and consistency” and “happy with all the players”. Veríssimo also emphasized that “the squad has the capacity and the players are motivated and committed”.

The team had many chances to score in the 90 minutes, so the result was short. João Mário, considered the man of the game, scored the opening goal. And Grimaldo, in his 150th game in the championship, finished the final scoring adding a historic record, the 6,000th Benfica goal in the competition (read PS), with a powerful and high-placed shot from outside the box.

After the three points won, the team is already thinking about the next challenge. “Get Moreirense and win three more points” is the immediate goal, while respecting the “game by game” philosophy that Veríssimo intends to internalize in the squad.

“The focus is game after game, training after training and always the fight for victory. We have to be aware of the situation we are in, but we will go game by game, “he said, adding,” with this structure and with these players we are sure that we will reach the end of the championship, to discuss the top positions. ” “We won’t give up the championship until the last lap,” he said.

One final note for the successful implementation of the COVID-19 test system near the stadium throughout the weekend, which complements the distribution of wristbands and speeds up entry for several games. More than 1,500 Benfiquistas have made use of this service in order to make it easier for the club to access the stadium in accordance with the applicable rules and thus to increase the number of spectators in the stands. In the face of constraints, solutions are sought with remarkable effectiveness.

It is extremely important that the banks are refilled. As Nélson Veríssimo said after the game: “When our team is connected to the public and the public to the team, it transcends itself and it has been shown in many moments”. “We want it to continue until the end of the championship,” he said.

PS: This count took into account the 1-1 draw in the last round 1986/87 between Braga and Benfica, which ended before the final whistle due to a field invasion and the association attributed a 3-0 defeat to the two clubs. And still losing 2-1 to Sporting in 1994/95 instead of the replay in which we won 2-0. Although the FPF approved the win, FIFA will later cancel this replay, according to the media. So let’s look at the original game for now, but leave the possibility open for the Federation to decide which game to consider. If you count the replay, João Mário scored the 6,000th goal.

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