Montreal CEGEPs, universities give tentative plans for return to face-to-face teaching

Most of the city’s CEGEPs and universities will postpone the return to face-to-face teaching beyond January 17th, which is scheduled in the province.

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College students and faculties are again in limbo as they wait for COVID-19 to decide how their semester will go.


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Many Montreal CEGEPs and universities have announced plans to postpone the return to classroom training beyond the provincial January 17th date, and have chosen to take advantage of a transition period that Quebec has announced to run until January 31st Transmission of the highly contagious Omicron variant, an increasingly fragile health network and a booster campaign that is not yet open to young adults.

Here’s what we know about returning to class:

Concordia University For her part, she had announced a return to face-to-face classes on January 20, but spokeswoman Vannina Maestracci said Monday it was “very likely” that this date will be postponed.

“Given the uncertainty of the situation, it is very difficult to set another date for a return in person at this point and we are focused on making sure that the appropriate conditions are in place,” Maestracci said. “We’ll give notice a week before the resumption.”


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University of Montreal will resume face-to-face classes on January 31, “if everything goes according to plan,” said spokeswoman Julie Gazaille. “Decisions are made against the background of the latest data on the development of the pandemic and after consultation with our experts.”

Last week, University of Quebec in Montreal announced that the winter semester would be delivered remotely until at least January 24th, but on Monday that date was postponed to January 30th.

End of 2021, McGill University announced a return for January 24th. On Monday, spokeswoman Katherine Gombay said the only activities currently taking place on-site are those that cannot be completed remotely, “and we will gradually open more personal activities as the epidemiological situation safely allows.”


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“The uncertainty about the effects of the new Omicron variant remains high. However, we intend to return to personal education as soon as possible and when government guidelines allow, ”Gombay said.

The Montreal Gazette asked the Department of Education what health indicators are taken into account when making decisions about returning to face-to-face teaching, but did not receive a timely response for publication.

Quebecers 18 years of age and older are expected to be eligible to book their booster vaccinations on January 17th, after those from January 25th on January 14th. According to the province’s latest data, 17.7 percent of COVID-19 cases are in the fifth wave of the pandemic that affected the 20-29 year old age group.

As for CEGEPs, Marianopolis College announced a full postponement of the start of the winter semester until January 31, “given the evolving situation regarding the pandemic and the latest public health announcements,” according to its website.


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“Marianopolis continues to monitor the situation and consult with ministerial officials on plans for the winter semester,” said Elisabeth Livingston of the director general’s office.

Dawson College , for his part, has planned a return on the same date as Marianopolis, but will start offering remote courses from January 20th.

“We will monitor the situation and continue to consult with the public health service and the Ministry of Education, but from this point onwards, if all conditions are optimal, face-to-face lessons will resume on January 31,” said spokeswoman Donna Varrica students and faculty received on A detailed notification on Monday.

Through January 31, our top priority is “keeping the number of people on campus to an absolute minimum,” said Varrica.


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In a memo to the students Vanier College said his winter semester will also be delivered remotely in the first two weeks.

“After that, we are supposed to return to face-to-face classes on January 31,” the memo says. “We will continue to adapt to the development of the situation.”

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