Izabela Janachowska cut her hair.

“I like my shorter hair” – assures Izabela Janachowska. When we look at her smiling contented face, we have no doubt that she is really comfortable in a hairstyle like this. The cut emphasized the presenter’s facial features and made her much younger.

Internet users have not hidden their joy about Izabela Janachowska’s shorter hair. There was no end to the compliments.

You look beautiful in that hair

Cute Italian teen hairstyle

Much better in the shorter ones!

Fans agree that both the length and color and the cut itself are perfect. Izabela Janachowska looks beautiful.

You can see her new hairstyle even better in the moderator’s Insta story.

Izabela Janchowska cut her hairIzabela Janchowska cut her hair – https://www.instagram.com/izabelajanachowska/

And this is how Izabela Janachowska looked in her long hair. The difference is considerable, although it wasn’t a drastic cut.

Izabela JanachowskaIzabela Janachowska – PAWEL WRZECION / MWMEDIA / MW Media

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Long hair is certainly impressive, but it also takes a lot of effort. Besides, not everyone suits them. It’s a lot easier with shorter cuts. With their help, you can beautifully model facial features, emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. Not everyone is aware of this, but sometimes cutting your hair is enough to look younger and just better. Of course, as long as the hairstyle suits our beauty type and face shape.

Did you like Izabela Janachowska’s hairstyle? We have good news. A long bob is a cut that hardly anyone looks bad at. It’s universal and fits practically everyone. In addition, no special care is required and laying is easy.

The elongated bob looks gorgeous with loose hair and becomes the most comfortable everyday hairstyle after pinning. It’s also perfect when you need a change of pace but don’t want to cut your hair hard. The difference will be noticeable, but the strands will remain long.

The sharp, even cut characteristics of the blunt bob hairstyle look extremely natural and at the same time fresh and dynamic. It’s a perfect deal for medium length hair, especially thin and voluminous hair.

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