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A gamer has put together an adapter with which the DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5 can be controlled with just one hand. The parts are all 3D printed and the design was shared online.

The design made by Akaki Kuumeri, should be steered with the right hand. Since the controller is constructed symmetrically, the parts only have to be printed out mirrored in order to make the adapter suitable for left-handers. In addition to the printable components, a number of additional parts are required, such as plastic wire and elastic bands, to hold everything together.

For right-handers, the accessories must be slipped over the left stick, which can then be operated by moving the entire controller. There is a rubber platform at the bottom of the adapter that must be held against a surface. Moving the controller moves the plateau and with it the left stick. According to the designer, the wrist is not overloaded with these accessories, since the controller always rests on a surface.

As part of the adapter, the L1 and L2 buttons have been moved to the right, next to the R1 and R2 buttons. This makes it possible to press both L1 and R1 or L2 and R2 with the index finger, which, however, requires some dexterity.

If the four-point push button has to be used, an additional accessory can be placed on the adapter. This device, which is modeled on an Allen key, can be clicked in the middle of the controller. If you push back one of the four blue colored square ‘buttons’ on the right side, the corresponding direction is pressed on the four-point push button. Since the additional accessories make the controller quite unwieldy, the manufacturer recommends using it only when necessary.

The manufacturer has decided to only use plastic in its accessories and therefore no electrical components in order to make them as accessible as possible. The creative has this accessory as an introduction to. designed a match to make the best one-handed controller. He did before in a similar way already a joystick extension for the DualShock 4.

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