Fiat is expanding the red edition of its cars, it also offers a disinfection box

A total of four Fiat’s are available in a red special edition, stylized (FIAT) RED. The “Five Hundred” presented a few months ago are now joined by the Tipo Cross Kombi and the Panda Crossover.

foto “aria-label =” Galerie Fiat (Tipo) RED Sport Wagon “>

Fiat (Tipo) RED sports car

Photo: Fiat

All are connected by a red color and the logo (RED) in various places including the B-pillar. It’s not just a special edition – it’s a symbol of the partnership with the company of the same name, which has been helping fight pandemics, especially in Africa, since 2006. She started with AIDS, today she is of course committed to covid.

foto “aria-label =” Galerie Fiat (Panda) RED “>

Fiat (Panda) ROT

Photo: Fiat

Besides the color, what is interesting about special Fiats? For tip and pandas this is Seaqual material on the seats. This material is made from plastic waste pulled from the seas; from fiaty Cupra Born can have it too. And also the fact that, despite the edition name, these two cars can also be ordered in gray, white or black. However, red mirrors and many other details remain in the interior.

The “red” electric 500 has a slightly different trick up its sleeve – the passenger compartment with a UV-C lamp for disinfecting small parts. So you put your cell phone, keys or whatever fits into it, press a button and after three minutes viruses and bacteria on the surface of objects are dead, according to the press release. In addition, the car can also have a driver’s seat cover or all red seats.

photo “aria-label =” Gallery Fiat (500e) RED can have a red driver’s seat. The other seats have red stitching

Fiat (500e) RED can have a red driver’s seat. The other seats have red stitching.

Photo: Fiat

Finally, the slightly modernized 500X Crossover – given the 500 logo on the front and the FIAT logo on the back instead of the round logo – has red paint on the outside and a red interior detail, such as quilted seats, in the RED edition .

The Czech agency of Fiat has only one price on the web for the “red” 500e. This version starts at 710,000 crowns, 60,000 more than the base price of the model.

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