Dream Team – workshop master: The Beran and Orel go-karts were created by F1 driver Tomáš Enge. tested – after world

In the first part of the reality show, moderated by actor Vojta Kotek, a dozen talented women and men met the jury’s tasks within six hours in two teams of six – red and blue.

It has two permanent members, the architect Kamila Douděrová, the architect, director and set designer Šimon Caban and a guest. For the first time he was a racing car driver and former Formula 1 driver Tomáš Enge, whose profession determined the form of the first task: building a go-kart.

“She should go. Fast! And of course it should also be pretty ”, calculated Tomáš when he imagined the go-kart of his dreams.

Lots of designs and just one go-kart

Although each participant had an idea of ​​what the right go-kart should look like, the teams had to agree on a common task.

The Blues opted for the route of a classic, rectangular car that fits nicely around corners, with the engine in the rear and a construction like old cars, with a national accent, that is, in the design of our flag.

The Reds agreed that their go-kart would have a simple steel chassis and veteran design with a few eccentric elements.

Fight for the best parts

After creating the go-kart design, both teams moved into the warehouse. Here she had twenty minutes to assemble all the necessary components for her go-kart.

The Reds moved more predatory, so they took the best material with them to their workshop. They were particularly satisfied with the axle with large wheels.

Badly welded axle

When the alarm signaled the start of the six-hour countdown, everyone got to work. The gentlemen began working with the metal while the women carefully upholstered and chiseled out the details.

“Welding was a huge experience for me just because I was working on a machine that I had never worked with before,” said Míra of the Blue team. And although it was a first, they finished the chassis ahead of the Reds.

They “managed” to badly weld the axle so the wheels would turn to the other side before the steering wheel spins. Fortunately, the most experienced member of the team, Michal, noticed this in time and everything was soon corrected.

“Michal must have had it all in his head and he was such a guru of ours. He knew what he wanted from us and what we should do, ”Vendula praised the crisis management that Michal took over when they got stuck in the chassis and the women had nothing to do.

Too many ideas

In the Blue team, on the other hand, it was like a beehive to work hard on the details, even if some members were not very happy with the work of their colleagues.

Conspicuous design flaws bothered Lex, and from the beginning Roman could not accept disproportionality, ugly design, exaggerated ornamentation. In his opinion, the wings in particular were useless and cost the whole team an hour and a half more.

“The problem arose in the beginning when we were all trying to get her proposal through – and then this mess came out,” thought Ivana (she was the one who pushed her way through the wings). And Lexa added, “We paid back all the ideas that came on the table.”

The Reds also struggled with shape and appearance, but it was mostly in small details that they redesigned the steering wheel at the last moment, for example, so that they finally heard from Simon’s jury that a beautiful one – and above all already finished – was in stock. Another catch was the anchoring of the seat, which the ladies hadn’t thought of before, so there was nothing else to do but remove the cover again.

Red ram and blue eagle

Despite all the small or large obstacles, both teams courageously faced their task and presented the results of their work to the jury.

Michal presented a red go-kart called Widder, the skull of which dominates the front hood, and calculated its advantages: “It has a powerful engine, it has a handbrake in case you have to brake, a helmet is part of the mandatory equipment not missing. It also has a dashboard. “

This was followed by a presentation of the Blue Eagle go-kart, which was adopted by Gábina: “It is a racing go-kart in the colors and shape of the flag that is repeated on the helmet. It is an absolutely safe machine with protective sides. “

She also reminded the judges not to miss their attention on the blue backlighting of the car and the storage space that had been created between the fenders.

The jury’s verdict

While Kamila and Šimon evaluated the appearance, the technical parameters and the driving characteristics, Tomáš Enge tried it on their own. In making the decision, he appreciated that the red car was going a little faster.

Architect Kamila appreciated the humble design and hidden humor on the red team’s go-karts, as opposed to the top-notch motivation to display the Czech flag.

“For me, the go-kart is a red go-kart,” said Simon at the end of the jury’s decision.

You can see the Dream Team – Workshop Masters show on Prima every Monday at 8:15 p.m.

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Pepy Libický’s crafting tip for do-it-yourselfers – beginners

As boys, we built a simple wooden go-kart using a few boards and wheels from a stroller. It was actually just a cart because there was no engine.

Today there are other options, you can order the complete kit including wheels, axles and electric drive on the Internet – and then you only have to build a chassis. You can easily assemble it from metal or wood. There are again a number of instructions on the Internet. If you want the smell of petrol and the noise of the engine, the electric motor is the ideal choice, and it’s environmentally friendly too.


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