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Bitcoin has fallen by 4,500 in the past few days US Dollar. This completes the process that has been changed over and over again over the past few weeks. The new declining wave, which should be the minimum of wave c, began to form after three waves appeared within expected wave b and a failed attempt to break through 61.8% on the lower Fibonacci sword. However, we will not forget that the current bearish trend is taking a wonderful impulse shape. Who said it was a clear correction? In addition, if we compare the size of the wave with one of the waves of the previous ascending section, its size will be immediately noticeable. In this case, it is to be expected that the price quotations will continue to fall in the near future. Trying to get an unusual amount of 38.2% on the tip of the Fibonacci sword that is decreasing Cryptocurrency stopped last will indicate the readiness of the market for further sales.

  • Analysts believe that e Bitcoin will grow this year

Pestoe negative news background for Bitcoin petrvv (Problems with the Internet in Kazakhstan and a file from Fedu) Many analysts worry how likely it is Bitcoin in the new year opt comes to the first msto among all investment vehicles. Also Year 2021 has grown Bitcoin or 60%. clothing increased by 55% and Index S&P 500 by 29%. Also the dog correction, which began at the end of the year and is ongoing now, so first Kryptomna in the world shows the maximum growth among all other tools. Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone believes this scene could repeat itself this year. It is worth remembering that this analyst forecast growth of 100,000 US Dollar after the wind Year 2021but at the end of the year he dropped his forecast and postponed it Year 2022. Goldman Sachs se zrove domnv, e by Bitcoin in five years he could resolve his market dispute. Accordingly, it rises to the first price and per 100,000 US Dollar for coins.

The most dangerous factor for Bitcoin zstv zven Annual rates Fedu v in 2022. Based on the most recent file from a US regulator, this call is expected to take two and a half times to invest in investors. Analysts believe next year could be tough for risky assets v in 2021 showed good first pedevm Shares one Cryptocurrency. At the same time, many suggest that the market will continue to need a risk diversification tool Bitcoin In me I practice a needle. In such a case, its value rises again rapidly, but the forecasts for Year 2022 they are much more humble than two.

A new section of the downward trend is also emerging. At this point the wave b under consideration, which has assumed a noticeably rigid form, is over. The machine fell to its previous low of around 41,500 US Dollar v oekvan vln c. The downtrend is coming to an end around it, but this shortened wave is rare. We can expect the tool below Limits. The message background is now unavailable page bitcoinu, even strong wave waves are not unfounded. It is very important to try to break the bump and in the near future even 41,515 US Dollarwhich corresponds to 38.2% Fibonacci. In this case, the decrease may be around the level of 37,552. continue US Dollar a 34 322 US Dollarwhich answered 23.6% and 50.0% Fibonacci.

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