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Israeli foreign minister tested positive for coronavirus

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid tested positive for the corona virus this Monday, while the country is in the middle of the fifth wave of infections due to the rapid spread of the contagious Omicron variant. Lapid, who will take over as head of government in the next year 2023, and Naftali Benet. must replace At the head of the current coalition, he assured him that he was fine and took the opportunity to press for the vaccination of the unvaccinated Israeli population.

As the Omicron variant, which is becoming more and more important and widespread in Israel, expands, Several members of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) have also been infected during the last few days. Public security chief Omer Bar-Lev also tested positive for COVID-19 last Sunday and remains in isolation.

Israel registered a new record of daily infections this Monday with 32,000 positive cases noted the highest value since the pandemic began yesterday and Sunday a number well above the maximum three days ago, when almost 17,000 infections were registered. This figure also illustrates the rapid rise in morbidity in the country of around 9.4 million people, which for the time being has not put strict restrictions in place to stop the current wave, and indeed it has Yesterday it reopened its borders to foreign tourists after closing in late November as a prevention against the omicron. (Eph)

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