COVID: Active and hospitalized cases rise in Jalisco

Jalisco maintains the trend of increasing active cases of COVID-19. The technical communiqué of the Federal Ministry of Health gives an account of 5,694 people who have shown symptoms of the disease in the last two weeks.

In the daily case report of the Radar Jalisco system, sand they reported 1,193 positives, which is the highest figure since January of last year. Active cases number 7,906, as they include tests carried out in private laboratories.

In terms of hospitalizations, the database of the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) reports 202 patients in public hospitals, at the weekend there were 198. In IMSS facilities there are 136 internees; 31 in SSJ hospitals, 30 in Civil Hospitals, and 5 in the ISSSTE. There are 11 in private hospitals.

The current hospital occupancy is 16.12%, as there is the capacity to enable up to 1,253 general beds for COVID patients.

In the last 24 hours, Four more deaths caused by the virus were reported in Jalisco, total 39 confirmed deaths so far this year. Since the start of the health contingency, in March 2020, 17,671 victims of the disease have accumulated at the state level.



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