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Did you know that if you happen to come across this one cent coin it could be worth up to six thousand euros? Here is what it is

If you find this coin, be careful: it could be worth a sum …

Many will surely know that if they happen to come across antique or even current coins with very rare figures on them, they can be worth a lot more than what is being printed. In fact, in today’s article we explain how much a penny can be worth. Obviously this is not an ordinary coin, but 1 cent with the Mole Antonelliana. Do you actually know how much it’s worth? You could get rich.

A mistake by the state mint can be worth a fortune

But why are there coins with certain values? In this case, it’s a very valuable penny due to an output error. In detail there seems to be roughly 100 of those that are still around, and some have been sold at incredible prices.

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Reporting such news is the site itself moneterare.netthat explains how something like this is possible. There are a few examples among euro cents that could be special wanted by collectors, including this 1 cent coin which is used for a Error of the state mint, reports the Mole Antonelliana.

Coins: what’s wrong?

In particular, the correct currency should represent das Castel del Monte in Apulien e not the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the 2 cents. And the diameter also corresponds to that of the 2-cent coin, i.e. 18.75 mm.

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The error occurred with 7000 coins, some of which were withdrawn immediately. However, there would be 100 more in circulation and they are being sought by collectors. The value of the fake 1 euro cent coin is approx € 2,500 – € 3,000 even at auctions, for example some have exceeded the value of € 6,000.

In addition, it has to be said that the one and two cent coins are approaching the farewell. Before these are completely withdrawn from the market, we ask you to be careful. Maybe you keep it in your wallet and don’t know you are rich.! Much luck.

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