Adam Sandler, Pete Davidson, Full House Cast and others pay tribute to Bob Saget – Nach Welt

It is never a positive experience when a beloved celebrity dies unexpectedly, and it somehow feels worse when the late entertainer was one of the funniest and most popular comedians out there. So it is with Full house Veterinarian Bob Saget, the died unexpectedly on January 9th at the age of 65. Details on the death are still unclear, but it’s perfectly clear that the sitcom icon has influenced the lives of many people, from the home audience to his various co-stars (like the Olsen twins) to those lucky enough to have befriended him over the years.

Shortly after news of Bob Saget’s death was released, the internet was teeming with messages of condolences and tributes to the comedian. Not just because of his work in the industry, but often because of his impact as a friend and / or mentor. Adam Sandler, who appeared in the Saget direction Dirty work, shared the following thoughts, complete with a recording of her respective buddy Norm Macdonald (the Saget mourned heavily after that SNL Alauns Tod).

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