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Singapore – Transport Minister S. Iswaran said in parliament on Monday (January 10) that there have been around 2,600 imported Covid-19 cases of the Omicron variant so far, which corresponds to around 60 percent of the total number of infections caused by the new variant.

However, the minister pointed out that less than ten percent of these infections came from short-term visitors. The vast majority of imported Omicron infections have been found in citizens, permanent residents, and long-term passport holders who have recently returned to Singapore.

The three most common countries that Omicron infections came from were the United States and the United Kingdom, both responsible for 16 percent of the cases, and India, which is responsible for 11 percent of the Omicron variant. All three countries have seen increases in Omicron infections recently.

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The infection numbers also reflect increased traffic at Changi Airport, which reached 15 percent of its pre-Covid level at the end of last month.

At the beginning of 2021, traffic was still three percent.

Mr. Iswaran sounded optimistic that the aviation industry will continue to improve this year, “Aside from unexpected setbacks like Omicron.”

The increased traffic at Changi Airport was due to the itinerary’s vaccination program being introduced towards the end of the year, he added.

He mentioned that the VTL program was adjusted last month to keep Omicron from spreading too quickly, but added that the goal was to “work towards quarantine-free travel for all vaccinated travelers”.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung informed parliament on Monday that the current pandemic measures will only be tightened as a “last way out” when the health system is under heavy strain.

Mr Ong said the multinisterial task force charged with managing the pandemic hopes “that with the current safe management measures we can ride through the Omicron wave.

If we have to tighten the restrictions, this is the last resort when our health system is under severe pressure. “

He warned again that due to the higher transferability of the variant, a significantly larger wave of infections from the Omicron variant can be expected.

“If delta infections reached a sustained incidence of about 3,000 cases per day, Omicron could possibly reach 10,000 to 15,000 cases per day or more. The cases will likely double every two to three days. Once the cases rise steeply, we may see 3,000 Omicron cases a day within a few weeks, ”Ong told the house.

But Singapore’s experience with Omicron infections has so far been manageable, as the newer strain causes fewer serious illnesses than the Delta variant.

So far there have been a total of 4,322 Omicron infections in Singapore. 308 were senior citizens aged 60 and over.

“Eight needed oxygen supplementation and all were deprived of oxygen after a few days. So far, no intensive care has been required, ”said the Minister of Health.

If these infections were from the Delta strain, between 50 and 60 patients would have needed oxygen supplementation, critical care, or might even have died. / TISG

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