Northumberland boss points to devolutions update after the report on

The district chiefs have indicated further updates on a possible decentralization deal in the course of this year.

Key players in the negotiations have suggested that up to £ 500m could be allocated to transportation and other projects in the North East if an agreement could be reached.

But the Northumberland leaders have continued to play their cards close to their chests, insisting that they be satisfied with the existing arrangements.

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“We assume that there could be more information [on devolution] in the government amending paper when that comes, which might be later this month or February, “said Glen Sanderson, chairman of Northumberland County Council.

“In my opinion, the position is still that Northumberland will not consider becoming part of a larger decentralized area unless there are real benefits to Northumberland.

“I like the way we work up north of Tyne [Combined Authority] at the moment and I think it also suits us and our neighboring authorities. ”

The North of Tyne group, made up of Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside, was formed in 2018, with current Labor Mayor Jamie Driscoll elected to lead it a year later.

But since the spin-off from the North East Combined Authority, which continued with Counties Durham, Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead, the new body has been criticized for “making no mark”.

In last year’s budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak proposed a $ 7 billion increase in local public transport outside London.

North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll
(Image: PA)

Ministers, however, have insisted that the North East will not get its share until a new decentralization treaty is signed that at least covers all of Tyne and Wear.

Despite Sanderson’s reluctance to sign Northumberland into a revised agreement, Driscoll has insisted that there is “no way” he would sign an agreement for the Northeast that does not include Northumberland.

The idea of ​​reuniting the region’s seven territories under a single mayor was dealt another blow by the government’s announcement that individual counties would be allowed to enter into single evolution deals – an option, however, to appeal to chiefs in County Durham.

Decentralization deals are expected to be an integral part of the government’s flagship “leveling” agenda.

However, a long awaited white paper on the initiative, due to be published before Christmas, has been postponed until this year without a set date for publication.

Addressing the first full Northumberland County Council meeting in 2022, Sanderson promised his county council colleagues a “full discussion when the time is right” on the matter.

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