Man arrested for attempting to break into Kendall Jenner’s house – archyde

Kendall Jenner appears to be in trouble again after a man was caught Monday trying to break into her Los Angeles property.

In the latest threat, an intruder was arrested who tried to break into the model’s home – but was soon released without charge by law enforcement agencies.

A man named Arnold Babcock, 31, was stopped at her apartment complex by security forces and wanted to see her reality star, according to a new report.

The man went around looking for Kendall, according to sources, and was not stopped for it for the first time.

The security officer held the suspect until the police arrived to arrest him for trespassing, but he was released a short time later.

Previously, a man had allegedly tried to find Kendall Jenner at her LA home and introduced himself to the star’s exclusive community at the gate to gain access to the fashionista.

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