Khushbu Sundar tests positive for COVID-19 and urges fans to keep them entertained for the next five days – archyde

Actress-politician Khushbu Sundar announced on Monday that she had tested positive for Covid.

The actress joins a long list of film stars from the Tamil and Telugu film industries who have tested positive for Covid since the beginning of the new year.

On Twitter, Khushbu said: “Ok. Covid is finally catching up with me after dodging the last two waves. I just tested positive. Until last night I was negative. Got a runny nose, took a test and voila! I’ve isolated myself I hate being alone. So talk to me for the next five days. And get tested for signs. “

At least eight celebrities from the Tamil and Telugu film industries have announced that they have been affected by Covid since the start of the new year.

Including the actors Mahesh Babu, Vishnu Vishal, Trisha, Sherin, music director Thaman, director Priyadarshan and actor Sathyaraj.

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Posted on Monday January 10, 2022 1:53 PM IST


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