DHF cases in Madiun rise sharply, regency government has not established KLB status – archyde

Solopos.com, MADIUN – Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) cases in Indonesia Madiun reign in January 2022 this increased dramatically. Madiun District Health Department found 25 cases of dengue were treated in January.

Although the condition has improved dramatically, the local health service is unwilling to raise the status to an Exceptional Occurrence (KLB).

Madiun district health director Soelistyo Widyantono said the number of dengue cases rose in January. He estimates the peak of dengue falls in Madiun will be in January. His side noted that 25 cases of DHF have been treated in the past ten days.

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“January has increased. Dengue peak this month. Then it goes down. The diagram is indeed like that, ”he said on Monday (10/01/2022).

Although cases are increasing, Soelis said the condition cannot be considered an exceptional event or outbreak. He said his status rose to KLB when the number of cases was more than half the number of dengue cases last year.

“The annual period is used to determine the status of KLB, not the monthly period. That’s the rule, ”he said.

On the previous occasion, Madiun District Health Department Head of Disease Prevention and Control, Anies Djaka officer, said the total number Dengue cases in 2021 117 died with one person. That number is up sharply compared to 2020, when only 86 cases with two patients died.

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“Because of the large number of cases, we appeal to the population to mobilize the extermination of mosquito nests” [PSN] in their respective homes, ”he said on Tuesday (04/01/2022).

Anies said the rainy season has the potential to increase dengue cases. The mosquito population increases during the rainy season. Because of this, he suggested that people do PSN to stop mosquitoes from multiplying.



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