British study shows: “Natural cold immunity protects better and longer against corona than vaccination” – archyde

The British Imperial College is once again throwing an informative investigation into the world with positive reports on corona infections. Smaller studies have shown that people who have contracted a cold from (non-Covid-19) coronaviruses are protected much better and longer against corona (Covid-19) and its variants than people who have only received one vaccine .

Current vaccines target the protrusion of the virus: the spike protein. The omikron variant has such mutated projections that it hardly resembles the previous variants. This is the main reason that current vaccines against the omikron variant are less effective.

After an infection, however, the body also produces T cells that target the “body” of the coronavirus rather than the protrusions. And since cold viruses can also be coronaviruses, there are people who have huge amounts of T cells in their blood as a result of a simple cold. These people were not infected with the current Corona variants or were infected much less quickly.

“We saw even before the vaccination that some people within a family always tested negative, even though they had contact with an infected person. But that can be an indication that the T cells can actually contribute to better protection, ”says virologist Steven Van Gucht.

This, of course, begs the question why these vaccines weren’t aimed directly at stimulating T cell production, but only at the spike protein. The researchers are way off the mark, saying instead that their research could lead to improved results Vaccinations, Reports The telegraph.

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Actually, of course, that doesn’t make any sense at all. If there are coronaviruses that only cause colds, then an infection with such a virus is actually sufficient to be protected against all Corona-Covid-19 variants. Well, not all cold viruses are coronaviruses too, but they say “wait for the right one” cold in completed‘. Sun vaccination could only be of use to the weak among us.

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