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Peter Parker, wearing his Spider-Man suit but without a mask, stands in the midst of cobwebs.

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I’m rarely a fan of it when actors, directors, etc. obviously tell outright lies to journalists and fans about upcoming projects. The most notorious example is likely to forever be the promise made by JJ Abrams and Benedict Cumberbatch that the actor would not play the villain Khan Star Trek Into Darkness; relatively, Andrew Garfield‘s constant claims that he would not repeat his role as The incredible SpidermanPeter Parker in No way home after photos of him in costumes appeared on the set only mischievously – especially since he apparently had so much fun doing it.

“It was pretty stressful, but also incredibly pleasant,” the actor admitted in an interview Ter Wrapwho also described the experience as “incredibly fun” and “exciting”. “There were moments when I thought, ‘God, I hate lying.’ I don’t like to lie and I’m not a good liar, but I’ve always called it a game. And I only imagined myself as a fan of this character, which is not difficult. “

Garfield was an avowed Spider-Man fan even before he was cast as a superhero, and he decided to be surprised by the arrival of several Spider-Man in the film: “I want the actor to do an incredibly good job of getting me off to convince that he wasn’t there. And then I would want to lose my mind in the theater if my instincts were confirmed. I would want that. “

Contrasted with the Khan fiasco, where a million characters practically roared the truth, all of them No way home There were a few rumors and a few leaked photos – little enough that not only could Garfield have a plausible denial, but he also didn’t offend everyone’s intelligence for insisting on it over and over again he wasn’t in the movie. In all honesty, I’m glad that in 2021 he enjoyed lying about a million times instead of getting exhausted and miserable as probably anyone who got closer than 6 meters would ask him the same question.

Spider-Man: No way home is currently available in theaters and on digital demand.

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